Are you moving your body the way it needs on a daily basis?

The key to achieving progressive, consistent and long lasting results with your chiropractic, sport and spinal care is to incorporate corrective and regenerative strength, movement and pain relieving exercise into your daily routines.   In the long run this can be one part of a few best prevention strategies one can do to enjoy lie to its fullest potential.

At Motion Health Centre in the Sydney CBD it is our aim to educate you on how to Activate Your Motion safely and progressively into your daily activities, work, sport and play routines.  We educate on specific exercises designed just for you and your problems that include:

  • Spinal hygiene, upper and lower limb exercises
  • Structural re-alignment devices
  • Flexibility and movement prep re-training
  • Rehabilitative muscle strengthening
  • Ergonomics and body awareness
  • Sport specific pre-habilitation

As part of your initial chiropractic, sport and functional muscle balance assessments, the physical requirement for your daily work, sport or recreation activities will be assessed.  We are looking for poor muscle activation, strength deficits, abnormal movement patterns, postural muscle imbalances and spinal asymmetries, and poor balance, joint mobility, core strength and pelvic stability.

Based on your initial findings a phased corrective exercise plan is included in your care program that you can do at home, include in your gym or training routine and/or incorporate at your workstation.  Often with initial relief care, the goals are to improve flexibility, ergonomics and alignment and then progress to strengthening the key affected muscle groups in optimal sequence to start re-gaining stability.

Progressing from initial relief care to opting for corrective care to tackle the old poor movement patterns, ligament and tendon strains and muscle imbalances still lingering around you will begin to implement more endurance and movement-based exercises to enhance long lasting results.   The use of corrective devices to restore spinal curves and lengthen ligaments can be beneficial in reestablishing your posture closer to normal.   In the end it is often our posture and lack of mobility that are the instigator of many pain and dysfunctional conditions.  So at Motion Health Centre, depending on the phase of care you are in and your individual needs, a corrective exercise plan will always be included in your program.