Depending on your case history further investigations or imaging may be recommended such as X-ray, ultra-sound, CT scan, MRI scan, bone scan or even recommended blood tests, eye exam.

Digital X-Ray

At Motion Health Centre, digital X-ray imaging is used to influence the clinical management of your case dependent on your health history and presenting complaints.   We refer out to nearby regulated radiological centers that use the latest digital X-ray technology, which use less radiation than traditional units.  Advantages are your images come back to our clinic immediately via our linked digital software system that allows us to enhance and review your imaging effectively, right away.  X-rays can be used to determine degeneration, loss of curvatures, fractures and other abnormalities that can be impacting your symptoms.


Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to view soft tissues such as muscles and internal organs.  There are no known risks of ultra-sound and there is no ionizing radiation.

CT Scan

Cat scans are a specialized type of x-ray.  The patient lies down on a couch which slides into a large circular opening.  A CT Scan is best suited for viewing bone structures in more detail than standard x-ray, as well as diagnosing lung, chest and other problems.   A CT leg length scan may be used in certain cases where a significant leg length discrepancy is detected.  This scan measures the exact length of your upper and lower leg to determine whether or not you have a true leg length discrepancy or not so that appropriate management options can be advised.

MRI Scan

An MRI is more versatile than X-rays and is used to examine a wide variety of medical conditions. MRI is more detailed and suited for examining soft tissue, muscles, ligament and tendon injuries, discs and spinal cord injuries.  MRI scans do not use radiation.

Bone Scan

A bone scan is a nuclear imaging test that helps diagnose and track several types of bone conditions.  At Motion Health Centre, this would be used in certain cases where osteoporosis, stress fractures, infection or other conditions may be suspected.