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Jaw Pain at Motion Health Centre

Woman with jaw pain

Is jaw pain bringing your everyday activities to a grinding halt?

Discover the safe, all-Natural; long lasting solution we call “The Jaw Pain Recovery Program”.

Jaw pain is certainly nothing to smile about, and can be uncomfortable while speaking and eating and can cause a poor nights sleep.

The good news is; with simple Motion Health Centre jaw solution protocols, we can correct possible misalignments and faulty muscle tension between the spine and nervous system… turning your frown upside down.

Jaw Pain

The jaw is used a lot. After all, we utilise this part of the body every time we open our mouths to speak or eat, which is often huge parts of our day. Jaw pain can therefore be a very uncomfortable experience for sufferers. Motion Health Centre and our expert Sports Chiropractors and Trigenics Practitioners, have the experience and ability to offer quality treatment on this region of the body in the Sydney CBD. Our practitioners look at your body as a whole system. We holistically take in to account other possibilities that could be causing you issues. Knowledgeable Sports and Trigenics® Chiropractors at Motion Health Centre provide a complete approach to effective and long lasting jaw pain relief that focuses on the real causes of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Common Jaw Conditions:

  • Tempo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (aka TMJ, or TMD)
  • Jaw Muscle Strain
  • Bruxism / Grinding
  • Related Neck Pain and Headaches


The causes of jaw pain are varied and can stem from trauma such as a sports injury, car accident, or severe blow to that region. Sometimes, jaw pain will develop gradually as a result of teeth grinding, emotional stress or poor diet.


At Motion Health Centre, patients with jaw pain commonly present with the following symptoms:

  • Jaw joint pain or
  • Popping or clicking in the jaw
  • Inability to chew hard or soft foods
  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Headaches
  • Ringing in the ears,
  • Vertigo
  • Neck or upper back pain
  • Balance or vision issues

Having Jaw pain is often a terrible situation to be in, especially if it is ongoing and affects sufferers while eating and speaking. If you are experiencing jaw pain, book a thorough examination with one of our experts of the spine, muscle and nervous system function. Our Sports Chiropractors and Trigenics Practitioners at Motion Health Centre will give you a jaw dropping service that will have your jaw functioning at its peak again.

Motion Health Centre’s Jaw Pain Recovery Program

At Motion Health Centre, we take a “holistic” approach to the assessment and management of your jaw pain issues. Not only do we aim to free you from pain, we also help you enjoy health and motion to your fullest potential, with long-term results.

Benefits of our Program

  • Be free from jaw pain and experience a good night’s sleep
  • Experience instant results often after the first treatment session
  • Restore normal jaw motion and muscle balance
  • Be able to eat and chew your favourite foods
  • Improve concentration at your workstation and computer
  • Get a head start back to better neck function and optimal posture

The Jaw Pain Recovery Program includes:

  • A comprehensive exam of your jaw, neck, muscle and nervous system function.
  • Detailed report illustrating the true causes of your jaw pain
  • Action plan with clear goals for fast relief, correction, prevention and lifestyle improvements
  • Co-management with your dentist should
  • Review your pillow and sleeping positions
  • Review your workstation and sitting position
  • Trigenics®Myo-neuro corrective Jaw muscle re-balancing
  • Safe and effective natural Sports Chiropractic Care for the neck and jaw
  • Advice for Natural anti-inflammatory and wellbeing solutions
  • A evidenced informed approach
  • Always a friendly, caring and convenient service

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If you want to be free from Jaw Pain don’t hesitate to call us to book a “Your Motion Matters” Initial Case Review today, for a pain free tomorrow.

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