Sydney Massage Therapist

Jim is a massage therapist who is committed to optimising the health and fitness of his clients.

With a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Certificate 3 and 4 of Fitness and now studying his second year of Chiropractic at CQUniversity in Sydney, Jim has an in-depth understanding of human anatomy. He has experience working with top grade athletes, but loves nothing more than creating a “team” relationship with his own clients, and helping them reach a higher level of health.

Jim is available for Remedial,  Sports, Pregnancy, and Relaxation massage.


Certificate IV Fitness, 2011 (TAFE Loftus)
Certificate III Fitness, 2011 (TAFE Loftus)
Diploma of Remedial Massage, 2010 (TAFE Loftus)

Types of Massage Therapy Provided

Pregnancy Massage

Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

Relaxation Massage

Massage Therapy Rates at Motion Health Centre

  • 40min Massage
  • 55min Massage
  • 75min Massage
  • 90min Massage
  • 120min Massage

6 and 12 Visit Massage Package Savings Available!

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More About Jim

What inspired you to get into this line of work?
I suffered a few sports injuries as a child, and this led me and my family to seek treatment from a number of health professionals. This is where I found my love of the healthcare industry. I have played soccer since I was 6 and without all the treatment over the years I wouldn’t be playing today.

What are your qualifications/credentials?
Diploma of Remedial Massage and have been practising for 7 years.   Additionally I have a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and previously worked as personal trainer.  Currently in am in my 2nd year of Chiropractic studies and am really enjoying enhancing my knowledge of the human body and how it function at its best.

What do you enjoy about working at Motion Health Centre?
I love how everyone here is committed to optimising people’s level of health. It’s a constant, dynamic form of work. We don’t just help with the basic health problems, we are constantly striving for better. We want to take you from A (pain) to B (no pain), but then also to C and D (improved health and performance), in terms of your health and motion and lifestyle goals.

Why should people come to Motion Health Centre?
Motion Health Centre is a place where people can feel safe, know that you will listened to and be well taken care of to not only begin your healing process, but help get you back to or keep you doing what you love.  We provide a consistent level of skill and communication where people can reach their health goals, and then continue to optimise.

When it comes to Massage Therapy, what are you passionate about?
My passion is to help. I enjoy everything health and fitness. So my passion in massage is to help people be fit and healthy, including treating muscular pain and injury to allow people to live a full and healthy life.

What is your philosophy on life and health?
A Healthy body and mind is the key to a happy life. Therefore, reducing stress, being focused, and not being drawn to things which don’t serve our wellbeing, can all have a positive impact on our health. Keeping active is also important. Physical activity can really affect mental and emotional health, in a good way.

What makes you different from other practitioners in your modality?
What makes me different is that I’m always willing to learn and change. Too many massage therapists get stuck in using only a certain technique and don’t adapt to a client’s needs. I am not afraid of a challenge, but at the same time, I am very realistic about results and outcomes.

What type of clients do you absolutely love working with?
People who want to take their health and quality of life one step higher. Health is dynamic and perpetual. I love working with people who have an awareness of their own body, and take the time to think about influencing factors. Things which might be holding them back. They want to make a positive change, they are committed to their own heath, and see me as part of their team.

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