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Sydney CBD Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy and Relaxation Massage

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Relax and experience the rejuvenating effects of massage therapy at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD, which is located in the Grace Hotel. Discover all the benefits a professional massage may provide. Studies have shown that frequent massage therapy treatments can reverse the damage caused by chronic muscle tension due to injury, stress, and lack of sleep.

Massage therapy works by increasing the body’s circulation, clearing out toxins from stress hormones and other cellular debris. Once cleared by massage therapy, these damaging substances are replaced with fresh blood and oxygen—the nutrients your body needs to repair itself.

Choose Which Type of Massage Is Best For You

Massage therapist working on patient's lower back

Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage

Getting neck or back pain from sitting too long at the desk? Or maybe your muscles are just feeling tired or overworked? Massage is the optimal treatment for those general tight spots and chronic pain and dysfunction. Remedial massage therapists use their advanced knowledge of anatomy, posture, and muscle balance analysis, and palpation skills to determine how well your muscles are functioning.

Our massage therapists apply various massage treatment techniques to help you get relief, start re-aligning soft-tissue balance, improve overall movement, flexibility, and blood flow and help you feel restored and re-energized! Expect to learn more about how to implement self-management strategies such as flexibility stretches and exercises.

Woman receiving relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage helps to promote a sense of wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, and through the relaxation, can improve flexibility, reduce blood pressure, assist in pain management, as well as reduce anxiety, stress, and tension.

This is a type of massage that allows you to escape the stresses of the world for just a moment, but a moment so powerful that will enable you to face the rest of the day in harmony.

Our massage therapists are fantastic at providing the perfect relaxing experience for you whether you are in Sydney on vacation or holiday or just escaping the office for some ‘me time’.

Woman running on road

Sports Massage

Injured? Competing? In chronic pain? This style of massage therapy incorporates techniques applied to specific muscles to assist recovery of injury or discomfort that you might incur from training or competition. With regular sports massages, you can experience improved training outcomes and better performance in your sport and exercise goals.

You also may benefit from an enhanced recovery rate, from both general fitness issues, as well as from specific sports injuries such as your knee, shoulder or hip. Sports massage is also fantastic before or after activities for muscle preparation and to prevent injury.

The number-one reason athletes do not achieve their performance goals is due to injury and not being able to consistently train at their best. So what are you doing to recover from all that hard work your muscles are doing while you train? Maybe it’s time to look for a quality sports massage therapist who can help you reach your goals!

Little girl hugging pregnant woman's belly

Pregnancy Massage

Mums and mums-to-be: give yourself the best opportunity for a posture perfect and stress-free pregnancy! Your body, mind, soul and most of all, your baby will thank you for it.

At the practice, our massage therapist utilise our popular custom pregnancy cushion that provides a pregnant mum the most comfortable massage possible.

Pregnancy massage incorporates specific techniques to relax and restore and help your body adapt to the exciting changes it goes through, as well as preparing the mind and body for labour.

You may experience benefits including reduced joint and back pain, the ability to maintain good posture, better sleep and a quicker recovery from the birthing process.

Put yourself first during your pregnancy with pregnancy massage so that you will be ready to put your baby first after that magical day!

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