Long-lasting Change

One of the primary physical Motion Health Pillars is to Align Your Motion.  Spinal Corrective Care is the term that describes the progression of making long-lasting to permanent changes in the alignment and structural framework of the spine.

The goal of corrective spinal care is to re-educate and re-train the ligaments of the spine, improve spinal joint motion and posture, and strengthen core and spinal muscles.  At Motion Health Centre, spinal corrective care incorporates specific spine and extremity adjustments, corrective spinal devices to use at home, spinal hygiene exercises and restorative muscle balance procedures such as Trigenics and soft tissue techniques.

Care of this nature can be considered a ‘catch up’ for a lifetime of possible neglect or damages from the past and therefore should really only need to be underwent once to achieve as much correction as possible for your spine.  Although we may have an improved spine, it is not to say that we will never have any drawbacks in the future. Therefore maintenance is certainly beneficial.  However, what it does mean is that the spine will be operating a lot closer to normal.  This has many long-term benefits such as…

  • A posture that is straighter, taller and more robust
  • Degenerative processes of the spine slowing down or stopping
  • Preventing the gradual stiffening that many people notice with increased age
  • Significantly decreases back, neck and upper shoulder pain.
  • Improved spine and joint biomechanics
  • Better muscular strength and balance
  • Reduced pressure on the spinal nerves
  • Enhanced body awareness and reduction of stress
  • More energy and vitality.
  • Increased general health

It’s All Connected

You may report to our clinic with significant pain or dysfunction in a shoulder, hip or ankle for example, that can improve effectively with our Sports Chiropractic and rehabilitative protocols.  However, possibly associated with your complaint are additional spinal compensations, immobility or poor posture.   Your initial complaint may be due to overuse in nature or an old injury that has never healed fully and has become chronic.   As part of this declining process your spine may have also potentially compensated.  The same could be said for a spinal problem that has lead to your arm or leg injury or complaint.  Therefore, with any presenting condition, at Motion Health Centre we aim to get to the bottom of your injury but also identify how improving your overall function can prevent further problems down the track.

Empowered Choice

Spinal corrective care is not always for everyone.  However, many of those who receive corrective care often report this process as being a turning point in their eventual pursuit for better health and motion.

We use a variety of strategies to achieve Spinal Correction including specialised adjustments, spinal orthotics you simply lie on, daily spinal hygiene exercises and Sports Chiropractic care.